Doopser DPS-8009 Food Grade Mini And Portable Electric Breast Pump

Doopser DPS-8009 Food Grade Mini And Portable Electric Breast Pump

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The 8009 electric breast pump has a unique breast pump speed adjustment, which is different from other breast pumps on the market. The suction speed frequency parameter setting of the breast pump gear is fixed. Because the suction tolerance of each mother is different, the suction speed and frequency are too fast, which can easily lead to a pulling feeling in the breasts, swollen and painful nipples, and severe milk blockage can easily cause mastitis. If the suction speed and frequency are too slow, it is easy to reduce the chance of causing milk bursts, reduce milk production, lead to insufficient milk, and the baby is not enough to drink, and it is easy to cause milk regurgitation in serious cases.

There are three modes: lactation mode and breast expression mode, Mix mode, each mode has 9 gears to adjust. 5 levels of suction speed adjustment in breast pumping mode. There are a total of 54 breast pumping experiences to meet the different suction tolerance of mothers, and it is the savior of breast pumping for mothers with sensitive skin.

Lactation mode:
One-button power-on, enter lactation mode by default, 9 breast pumping gears
Promoting lactation comfortably and activating the mammary glands. According to the tolerance of breastfeeding, you can choose different breastfeeding gears, so as to stimulate lactation faster, increase the chance of triggering milk bursts, and reduce the time for lactation.

Express mode:
Simulate the baby's closed sucking, with 9 breastfeeding gears, 5 suction speed adjustments for each gear, and a total of 45 breastfeeding modes for experience.
Choose the suction power according to your actual situation, soft, comfortable and fast. Speed up lactation and increase milk volume.

Gear speed adjustment: It can speed up lactation speed, increase the frequency of stimulating milk bursts, make breast pumping more efficient and increase milk output.
Gear speed adjustment: Simulate the breastfeeding speed of babies of different ages, applicable to the entire breastfeeding period.
Gear speed adjustment: Set the breast pumping gear that suits you, which can speed up the breast pumping speed, shorten the breast pumping time, and improve the breast pumping efficiency. Give mom enough rest time.

Portable breast milk: compact and easy to carry
Easy to charge, long use time, silent without disturbing, very convenient for home/office/outing use

All silicone, 110° wide angle, better fit;
There are two sizes to choose from, which are suitable for various breast shapes and care for breast health.

All in one flashlight
Manual and electric integration, buy 1 and get 2.
Don't be afraid of running out of power, the electric second changes to manual, so you can feel more at ease when you go out and carry milk
Ergonomic connector design, comfortable grip, free control of rhythm, mothers can continue breastfeeding without fatigue.

Various application scenarios
Charging/plugging, multiple charging methods
Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, equipped with USB charging cable

smart memory
The built-in smart memory chip can remember the mother's breastfeeding preferences and avoid re-operation.
Panoramic touch screen, LED backlight can clearly see the numbers and modes, the main unit is covered with a soft yarn-like dust-proof film, powerful breast pumping, and online value.
Automatically remembers the mother's last operation, one-click to start the smart breast pumping, saving time and effort; allowing free control of the interval between each breast pumping.
Breastfeeding black technology, liberate mothers, set once and for all.

Integration of suction, storage and feeding
Breast pumping, milk storage, and breastfeeding are three in one, easy to carry, and easier to carry milk;
Specially equipped with pacifiers, bottle caps, sucking bottles into feeding bottles and storage bottles in seconds, to avoid milk loss caused by changing containers;
The integrated design of suction, storage and feeding can avoid secondary pollution of milk, and it is clean, hygienic and convenient.

Anti-reflux device
Silicone duckbill valve, open and close one-way flow to prevent milk backflow;
The milk flow direction is only down, not up, to prevent secondary pollution;
Anti-dumping, no milk leakage and no backflow, even if the bottle is overturned, the milk will not flow back to the host
humanized design
Silicone speaker cover, food-grade material, high temperature resistance, BPA-free, safe to use;
All silicone, 110° wide-angle, more fit and more natural, deeply simulates the baby's airtight sucking;
There are two sizes, suitable for different breast shapes, and care for breast health.